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Automotive & Transportation

The growing interest in electric and autonomous vehicles, coupled with the emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility, is driving a need for greater efficiency and safety in the automotive and transportation industries. To meet this demand, marketing communication programs are providing innovative vehicle companies and fleets with valuable stakeholder insights, enabling them to improve their product and service offerings. With industry expertise, these programs are also helping to communicate emerging trends, enhance brand reputation, and ultimately improve the customer experience.

Alternatives & Renewables

Solar, wind, hydrogen and biofuel energy sources are becoming more cost-effective, efficient and popular. As companies seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower fossil fuel dependence, they need marketing communications expertise to educate key stakeholders, advocate for supportive legislation and win consumer adoption of sustainable alternatives. With the right strategies, businesses can successfully promote their innovations and help pave the way toward a more sustainable future.

Building Products & Services

In the built world, industry leaders recognize the value of strategic communications in educating specifiers, contractors and facility owners about their core services. Additionally, they understand the importance of promoting eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient designs and renewable energy sources. To effectively communicate the benefits of innovative solutions such as modular construction and smart homes and buildings, companies need an agency partner who understands their business and its place in the industry. By paying attention to detail and staying abreast of industry trends, a communications agency can help companies in the built world successfully convey their message to their target audience.

Appliances & Equipment

Effective marketing communications and PR strategies are essential to building strong brands. The increasing demand for energy-efficient products, expanding competition, and consumers valuing sustainability make it crucial to implement diligent communication strategies. By executing the right strategies effectively, leading brands can stand out and create a competitive edge.

Packaging & Materials Handling

Integrated marketing communications offer a 360-degree approach to stakeholder engagement, creating significant value for companies developing sustainable packaging solutions such as biodegradable plastics and recycled materials. A robust communications strategy can also play a crucial role in advancing the commercial adoption of developments such as automation and robotics for materials handling and packaging processes, as well as smart packaging features like RFID tags and sensors for real-time tracking. An experienced agency partner recognizes the importance of convenient and flexible packaging options and can help companies navigate various challenges, including packaging and labeling compliance and consumer acceptance. By effectively communicating the benefits of sustainable packaging solutions and emerging technologies, companies can position themselves as industry leaders committed to innovation, sustainability and meeting the evolving needs of consumers.

Waste, Water & Recycling

Organizations operating in waste, water and recycling face the challenge of managing the world’s precious resources and processes. Common themes of re-use or circularity, recovery and extraction dominate these industries. Effective communication strategies can help clarify and broadcast a company’s position on harmful pollutants, efficiency and effectiveness, and promote increased education and awareness to safeguard public perceptions and regulatory compliance. By effectively communicating their message, companies can build trust with stakeholders and position themselves as leaders in the industry. In the waste, water and recycling sectors, strategic communications are crucial to managing public perceptions, educating stakeholders and promoting sustainable practices.

Chemicals, Plastics & Materials

The growing focus on sustainability, along with the emergence of bio-based and smart materials and new manufacturing techniques, is creating new opportunities for better communication across value chains and with the public. In this context, strategic marketing communications play a crucial role in managing environmental concerns such as pollution and waste management, worker health and safety hazards, supply chain disruptions, regulatory changes, and increasing competition from alternative materials. By developing an effective strategy, companies can convey the message that it’s not a matter of choosing one over the other, but of using the best of each material in the most responsible way possible.

Civil Engineering & Construction

Designing and constructing roads, bridges and buildings that meet the needs of society is a challenging task, especially when faced with labor shortages, rising material costs, and environmental and safety regulations. However, new technologies such as building information modeling (BIM), 3D printing and drone-assisted documentation offer opportunities to meet our nation’s infrastructure needs more efficiently and sustainably. To successfully position themselves in this evolving space and reach a broad range of stakeholders in complex projects, companies require expert marketing communications and reputation guidance. Effective communication is crucial in showcasing a company’s expertise and commitment to innovation, as well as its ability to deliver sustainable infrastructure solutions.

Medical Devices & Healthcare

The increasing adoption of digital health technologies such as AI, telehealth and wearable devices, along with a growing emphasis on personalized medicine and targeted therapies, highlights the need for strategic communications in the healthcare industry. A reputable agency team can assist companies in communicating effectively to address rising costs, regulatory compliance, product safety, IP protection and data privacy concerns. An effective communications strategy can build trust with stakeholders by demonstrating a company’s commitment to innovation, patient care and regulatory compliance.

Associations, Foundations & Nonprofits

Communications play a vital role for associations, foundations and non-profits across the industrial world – for engaging members, donors, board members, media and the like. A good agency team brings knowledge of their core industries to the adjacent organizations that help them grow. But also, a responsible agency team cares about a myriad of social issues and loves to work with organizations helping to make the world a better place – whether public education, the arts, free speech or the outdoors.

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