Values that guide our work

Mighty Truths We Aim to Live By

The details matter – and so do the personal touches. Our aim each day is that clients trust us and rest well knowing that, while we collectively pursue the big ideas, we are obsessed with getting the little things right.

Reputation is earned. And we get it…you’ve built something special and want to know your partners respect it like their own. We work to be as lean and efficient as possible. And we always recommend ways in which to simplify or be smarter and faster. Your customers need you and your competition isn’t waiting around. So, let’s kick butt and win together!

We can’t do our jobs well if we don’t ask all the questions you may have answered and even some you’ve never heard. We pride ourselves in working to understand your business almost as well as you. We trust you have all the right stuff, but we need to dig deeper to find the proven truths, vulnerable weaknesses and open white space in which we can help narrate your reputation.

Whether you play it safe or tend to be wild and crazy by nature, we’ll work to keep you on a balanced line. Decisions in business are riddled with weighing pros and cons. We understand when a reputational reward is worth taking the chance. Equally, we often call it when we believe the view isn’t worth the climb. We believe actions taken should almost always cause a reaction, and we like the ones that set new bars.

You need a what? Are you sure that will get you what you need? Let’s start with the context and understand what result you are aiming for before jumping into tactical action. Every program we design has measurable targets. We make them aspirational and remain unrelenting on measured progress and return on your investment. You don’t need us to work, you need us to deliver.

We know unexpected things happen – we’re not unrealistic. But a bad surprise usually means trouble for the bottom line. And even good surprises make us wonder if we could have been more planful and seized greater value from the event. Transparency is king with reputation management. We remain vigilant in sharing good and bad news as soon as we have it and we’ll usually have a few corresponding recommendations as well. We’re committed to not surprising you for anything other than your birthday and hope for the same in return.