It’s the Tiny That Makes Us Mighty: How small things can make a big difference

It’s the small things. The turndown chocolate on your hotel pillow. The chilled water in the backseat of your rideshare. The handwritten thank you note in your mailbox. The finishing touch that transforms the everyday into extraordinary.

Small things make a big difference. It’s a truth in most areas of life and business – marketing and communications included.

In the world of messaging, engagement and reputation, the details matter. They can be the difference between knowledge and expertise. Between function and finesse. Good and great.

Our aim each day is that clients trust us and rest well knowing that, while we collectively pursue the big ideas, we are obsessed with getting the little things right. We believe the tiny can make you mighty. How do we do it? By paying attention and being thorough.

We sweat the small stuff.
There may be areas where it’s beneficial to let the little things go, but a marketing communications plan isn’t one of them. It’s our job to ensure that every last detail is covered – from the earliest teasers of a campaign to the final tactics. We cover every base because we know even the smallest touchpoint can grow into big payoffs down the road.

This comprehensive approach extends beyond the plan itself to the people you need to reach. We’re interested in helping you connect with all your targeted audiences – from customers and industry associations, to media outlets and members of your own teams.

It’s a 360 degree approach that leaves no stone unturned. And one that we’re uniquely positioned to execute on, thanks to a deep bench of talent and experience in everything from traditional PR and media relations to social media, internal communications, crisis preparation and response, customer connections and everything in between.

We believe there are no small opportunities, just missed chances.

We dot the i’s and cross the t’s.
First impressions are everything. And nothing can mar a first impression more quickly than an easily avoidable error. We believe your products and services deserve the best spotlight possible. That means dotting every “i” and crossing every “t” – literally and figuratively. We work with you to ensure that every piece of your plan – from press releases to promotional material to posts on your socials – is polished and ready for its closeup.   

We take the extra step.
The finish line is all well and good – and certainly the goal for any project – but what lies beyond? The extra mile is where an experience can become truly exceptional. And that’s where you’ll often find us. In the questions others may not have thought to ask. In the check-in conversations to make sure we’re right where you need us to be. In the ways we pull together to help you make your event one to remember. In that one last thing. That extra step.

It may seem like a small thing. But paying attention can make all the difference. Some call it white glove service. We call it doing the job well. That’s the difference.

J.T. Landry

J.T. Landry is a marketing communications manager for Tiny Mighty Communications. A seasoned communications professional, J.T. has a passion for helping people and organizations tell their stories in meaningful ways. He is an accomplished writer and editor with experience in internal communications and employee engagement, executive messaging and industry positioning, content management, social media, event content planning, and diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.