Measure Impact, Not Activity:
Evolving Your Marcomm Efforts to Become Results-Driven

In today’s world, companies and organizations rely on agencies like ours to engage who matters most and drive reputation. But how should clients measure that success? Spoiler alert: it’s about impact, not activity.

This results-driven mindset is evident in our relationship with you, our client. Before we act, we want to understand what you want. It’s like making sure the horse goes before the cart. (And the chicken before the egg – or vice versa on that one depending on your vantage point.) It’s about knowing where you are today and where you want to go, so we can find the right solutions to get you there. Solutions we can measure along the way.

An impact over activities approach allows us to focus on what’s really moving the needle and discard tactics that aren’t.

So, how do we pick the right strategies and measure for impact?

  • We align our marketing communications plan with your business objectives. Your business is our business. We strive to be an extension of your team, which means we need to understand your business…not just your marketing communications program. We work hard from the very first conversation to understand your business performance, target growth areas, operations and areas where you may be at risk. From there, we build and implement a marcomm program that is laser focused on supporting these areas.
  • We tie marcomm goals to key performance indicators. Our plans are rooted in setting clear, time-bound targets. Clear objectives and actionable, measurable tactics to achieve them will chart our course and give us north stars to guide the way. KPIs are valuable information – they show us how far we’ve come and how far we have to go.
  • We regularly evaluate the results. Continuously monitoring how we’re doing keeps surprises at bay and helps us be nimble. If something isn’t working, the sooner we know, the sooner we can shift gears to stay on track.
  • We prioritize feedback. Open and transparent communication promotes clear direction, fruitful collaboration and valued trust. And it’s a two-way street between you and us.

Measuring impact over activity leads to increased accountability, better resource optimization and more sustainable success both for your business and our relationship. Who doesn’t want that? We want every program we design – big and small – to have measurable and meaningful impact. When you work with Tiny Mighty, rest assured we remain unrelenting on measured progress and return on your investment. After all, you don’t need us to work. You need us to deliver.

Elizabeth McCarthy is a marketing communications associate for Tiny Mighty Communications. She is responsible for media and public relations, writing and research, digital communications, project management and client service. She graduated from the Tombras School of Advertising & Public Relations at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a degree in public relations and business administration. Originally from Philadelphia, she currently resides in Nashville and, outside of work, can be found traveling, spending time outdoors, cooking and listening to lots of country music.