Podcasts: Which ones can enrich your days and help achieve the best you?

We Can’t Get Enough Podcasts

For years we were among the set who said ‘podcasts aren’t really for me,’ but then we started discovering the amazing production value and deep provocation of so many good ones.

Podcasts are known to have transformed the daily commute to work for many, but now that many are working from home, podcasts have become part of our day-to-day routines. They are not only entertaining us during the workday, but they are chipping away at our music and TV time because they provide such great entertainment and education while we clean the garage, pull garden weeds or stroll the neighborhood.

As PR and marketing communications professionals, staying updated on trends is part of our job and podcasts make that easy. There are podcasts for all areas of interest from news to crime stories, exclusive interviews, cooking and so much more. The Tiny Mighty team put together a list of the podcasts this year that have made us better at work, kept us entertained at home and helped us with self-improvement.

For Communications Professionals:

The PR Week Podcast (By Haymarket Media) is your outlet for the latest news in PR and Communications. PRWeek offers insight from professionals and helps us stay up to date on industry trends.

Marketing Smarts (By MarketingProfs) is updated weekly and features in-depth interviews with smart marketers from all walks of life. In 30 minutes, you’ll receive real advice and professional insights and leave this podcast a smarter marketer (even if some content is a reminder).

The Daily (By the New York Times) keeps you up to date on all the current headlines, told by some of the best journalists in 20 minutes, five days a week. You’ll never miss a beat.

For Entertainment:

How I Built This (By NPR) brings you Guy Raz as he dives into the stories behind some of the world’s best-known companies. If you consider yourself an innovator, idealist or entrepreneur – this one’s for you!

Armchair Expert (By Armchair Umbrella) joins you with actor Dax Sheppard as he celebrates “the messiness of being human.” In this podcast, Dax Sheppard and co-host Monica Padman explore other people’s stories, from Alicia Keys to Bill Gates and everyone in between.

Pop Culture Happy Hour (By NPR) is a fun and lively podcast that dives into everything relevant in the pop culture of the moment. It covers the latest movies, television, books and music. The Pop Culture Happy Hour is a perfect outlet to free your mind of the day-to-day stresses and listen to something fun.

For Self-improvement:

The Happiness Lab (By Pushkin Industries) asks what does it take to lead a happier life? That we cannot answer (if you have inquiries about growing corporate reputation and engagement – we gotcha covered!). However, Yale professor Laurie Santos has studied the science of happiness and in this podcast shares her expertise. The mixture of scientific research and inspirational stories might change the way you think about happiness.

Michelle Obama Podcast (By Higher Ground) joins you with the former first lady, Michelle Obama, as she takes a deep dive into conversations with her family, friends and colleagues to discuss the relationships in our lives that make us who we are.

The Promise (By Nashville Public Radio) is hosted by reporter Meribah Knight and covers inequality and those trying to rise above it. Powerful, this podcast has looked at Nashville’s largest public housing complex, gentrifications, and divides in the classrooms of Metro Nashville Public Schools.