Lou Everhart

Creative Direction and Graphic Design

Owner of Zografia and contracted strategic partner to Tiny Mighty Communications

Lou Everhart is an award-winning designer whose work has been featured in Print and been the recipient of awards from AIGA and the National Advertising Foundation.

A native of Memphis, Tennessee, Lou knew from an early age she had a propensity for design and communication, as she loved nothing more than to go to work with her bookkeeper mother and play with the markers, ledger books and endless forms found around the office.

After graduating from the University of Tennessee with a BFA in Graphic Design, Lou went to work for a burgeoning healthcare company where she worked her way up to Creative Director in a few short years.

In her independent career, Lou has created work for a wide range of industries. From music, to retail and restaurant, to healthcare, to packaging for the beverage and spirits industry, Lou excels at helping her clients communicate their brand and message cohesively and in a way that helps their business thrive.  

Lou lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her teenage son and husband. When not perfecting her latest design, she enjoys spending time exploring the constantly changing Nashville restaurant scene, watching her son play sports, exercising and spending time on Lake Ocoee in East Tennessee and volunteering at her son’s school.