Trust, But Ask All the Dumb Questions

In the marketing communications world, curiosity is key.

It’s our job to understand the nuances of a client’s business and the dynamics of their industry. We can’t be good partners if we don’t ask all the questions – including those you’ve answered a million times and some you may have never thought of. The more informed we are, the more strategic and targeted we can be, and the more impact we’ll make together.

You’re the subject matter expert for your brand and no one knows your business like you do. We trust you have all the right elements for success, but we aim to dig deeper to uncover the proven truths, identify potential vulnerabilities and chart the open white space so that we can become experts in how to manage and maximize your reputation. We need to understand your business strategy and how your operations work to successfully communicate on your behalf and develop winning strategies to promote your brand.


To offer some perspective, one client turned to us for help launching an innovative new product with the potential to shift the entire industry toward more efficient and sustainable solutions. We started by asking all the usual questions about product differentiators, competitors, value propositions and pricing.

It was a good start, but we needed to dig deeper. Then we asked one simple question – who came up with the idea for this product?

A seemingly basic question with a brilliant answer. The person who introduced this idea was a marketing employee in one of the company’s divisions.


This team member had just become a new parent, which sparked a renewed focus on making the world a better place for the next generation. With this in mind, they began working on more efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives for their industry.

This hidden gem made the product stand out. We were able to bring passion and heart to the story, adding a human element that’s often difficult to uncover in larger corporations.

People tend to share the details that are important to them. R&D teams focus on product chemistry while sales and marketing folks talk about features and benefits.

These are all important details, yet they only tell part of the story. We want to know the complete puzzle, so we know which pieces to leverage to help you stand out from the crowd.

When we meet with you for the first time, no matter how obvious the answers may seem, please pardon us for asking a few dumb questions. We’re just trying to get to the heart of your story.

That’s where we’ll discover what truly makes you different.

Allison Heard

Allison Heard is a marketing communications manager with Tiny Mighty Communications. An experienced public relations and marketing expert, she has helped establish, protect and grow the presence of both large and small companies through her strategic and creative thinking.